Adopting the tradition of Black Friday

We here at The Bikers' Den like to promote the idea of fatter wallets for everyone so we think it's time that the entire world adopt the US traditions of Black Friday. So to give you some content regarding this shopping holiday, we've compiled the following interesting facts and tidbits...

Black Friday

· Always falls on the Friday after the American Thanksgiving Holiday (this Friday, November 25)

· The term "Black Friday" can be traced back to the United States financial crisis in 1869

· Earliest publication to reference "Black Friday" occurred in Philadelphia in 1966 to describe the traffic that would occur the Friday after Thanksgiving

· The sales generated during Black Friday are so significant that many American companies go from being in the "red" to the "black" (being profitable)

· Many non-retail US companies give their employees the day off to increase the number of shoppers (which isn't an issue when ordering online from us... go ahead and order from work)

· Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the US since 2003, except for once year when it was the 2nd busiest

· Currently, retailers are extending Black Friday deals throughout the weekend (and so are we at The Bikers' Den)


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