Men and Women's Motorcycle Jeans & Riding Jeans with Kevlar Protection

If you ride a motorcycle and wear jeans, which we estimate is almost everyone that rides, you'll want to check out a pair of motorcycle jeans that offer the same protection as leather chaps or textile riding pants. While chaps and motorcycle pants are great, many of us don’t like wearing them unless we’re actually riding. The denim and kevlar combination that these motorcycle jeans are made from, allow the motorcycle jeans to better protect against road rash in the unfortunate event of an accident. So if you haven’t gotten a pair of motorcycle jeans, check out the women’s and men’s selection of motorcycle jeans and get yourself a pair for the upcoming riding season. 

Jeans are part of the motorcycle riding world. They are part of the fashion and the material is ideal; comfortable enough for long rides and durable enough to protect the rider from the heat of the bike, the elements, and the dangers involved in a crash. Many riders will opt for a sturdy pair of jeans over leather pants or even chaps, simple because they are more comfortable. In some instances, however, the jeans that riders choose do not actually protect the rider. Low-quality jeans can leave you burnt, uncomfortable, and seriously hurt if you are not careful.

Instead of opting for a pair of low-quality jeans, go with a pair of real motorcycle jeans or Kevlar jeans. These biker jeans will become a part of your riding wardrobe and keep your legs safe and protected, even in a dangerous accident. The right pair of motorcycle jeans will both make you feel comfortable and be protective. A motorcycle crash can be a very dangerous situation, because the asphalt can rip up clothing and a person as well. The best way to avoid this is with a pair of pants that will not tear and prevent serious injury in case you should ever crash.

This is where Kevlar jeans come in. Available in a range of sizes, Kevlar jeans are made from the same materials as bulletproof vests. While they may not protect your legs from bullet, the Kevlar material reinforces the jean, without adding stiffness or weight to the garment. These jeans are the best protection from road rash that a rider can buy.

Even if you do not opt for the Kevlar variety, it is important to pick out a sturdy, durable pair. Many pairs of jeans today are made from materials that rip, tear, and wear easily. While this means more profits for the clothing company, it means that you will be going through jeans quickly, especially if you are an avid rider. Instead of choosing one of these pairs that will not serve you well during a crash nor stand the test of time, pick a high-quality pair of jeans. Made with thicker, more resilient material, these jeans are just as stylish as they are functional. Don’t compromise protection for style—and now, you don’t have to!

Many of our pairs of motorcycle jeans will give you the same protection as chaps—that isn’t something that can be said about the average pair of jeans!

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