The Bikers' Den sends our hearts and prayers out to those affected by the disastrous Hurricane Sandy which attacked the East coast of the United States and some portions of Canada this Halloween week. Flooding and evacuations have been stressing the nation's resources and leaving families and communities in desperate need of assistance. The American Red Cross maintains most of the shelters and relief efforts involved in recovering from this devastating event.

The Bikers' Den, in support of the many diligent relief workers and organizations sponsored by the American Red Cross, is offering a promotion to collect donations. 

All proceeds received from purchases of our USA Flag 3-in-1 Bandanna will be donated to the American Red Cross for hurricane aid. Buy as many as you wish to support relief efforts. When your Bandanna is shipped, you will receive a special certificate commemorating your donation. 

Your help is needed. Give today.

Hurricane Cleanup Efforts, click below for slideshow.

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