Premium Leather Motorcycle Gear by Fox Creek Leather

Half the fun of motorcycle riding comes with the gear. Having the right gear makes it easy to enjoy your rides. It can keep you dry, warm, and safe from all of the dangers that go along with riding a motorcycle. Fox Creek Leather, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, understands what kind of clothing you need to round out your motorcycle riding experience. Fox Creek produces the finest leather goods, made right here in America, and guaranteed for a lifetime. 

What makes Fox Creek Leather different from other companies? Besides being completely American-made and family-owned, Fox Creek Leather has a commitment to excellence, producing only the best jackets, vests, chaps, boots, raingear, and luggage available on the market today. The lifetime guarantee ensures that no matter how much you punish your gear, any issues that arise because of the manufacturing will be completely covered. The quality of the leather used to produce their clothing, luggage, and gear means that you can use and abuse your items without worrying that they will rip, tear, or simply disintegrate.

Like any leather product, if you take care of it, it will take care of you, and Fox Creek Leather is so handsomely made that you will want to take care of it. Not only will you love how you look riding around in one of their leather jackets and matching chaps, you will love the clothes themselves.

Fox Creek Leather is owned and operated by an authentic biker and his family, who built this business together, traveling to promote their goods and experiencing the biker lifestyle. As lovers of motorcycles and the open road, the Fox Creek Leather know what clothes best suit both the bike and the punishing conditions of motorcycle riding. You want to grab your gear from a company that knows and loves motorcycle lifestyle and that crafts garments that enhance the riding experience. Fox Creek Leather is that company.

Fox Creek Leather has a wide selection of clothing and gear, ranging from jackets and vests to saddlebags and boots, in a range of styles to match your personality and your bike.

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