World's Smallest and Lightest DOT Motorcycle Helmet - Biker Helmet's Beanie

When you want the smallest and lightest DOT certified open face shorty helmet on the market, look no further than Biker Helmet's Beanies. Using superior materials and technologically advanced manufacturing procedures, Biker Helmets has developed the world's absolute lightest and smallest motorcycle helmet. So now you can avoid the "mushroom" head look of other helmets that use excessive padding and thick shells to meet DOT standards. With a Biker Helmet Beanie, you can avoid looking like a tool without sacrificing protection.

Worlds Smallest Motorcycle Helmets


  1. Awesome! 

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2014

    Was skeptical while ordering, but not anymore. The helmet is extremely light, looks great and fits perfect. Will definitely recommend these helmets to all my fellow rider friends.

  2. No more mushroom head 

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2014

    looks great and feels like you're not wearing a helmet at all when riding.

  3. Crazy Al will you merry me 

    Posted by Stella on 9th Aug 2014

    Hi just wanted to say thank you very much to Crazy Al i love this helmet. I know its not the safest like all half helmets but i have to where a helmet from where im from and i had neck surgery and all other helmets bothered my neck but not this one your the best Mr. CRAZY AL

  4. Light and comfortable 

    Posted by Al on 8th Aug 2014

    I ride a sport bike and have slowly been wearing smaller helmets over the years, you barely notice this helmet is on your head and when you crank the throttle it stays snug unlike others that feel like they are going to lift off your melon. The locking mechanism is easy to adjust, solid and easy to release. I'll be showing this to all my Harley riding friends and ABATE members.

  5. Closest thing I've found so far 

    Posted by Perry Thomas on 7th Aug 2014

    I have a super high forehead and this helmet makes me look less like a mushroom head then any other I've found in my case it could be a little deeper though. TY

  6. Highly Recommend to all bikers 

    Posted by Mase on 7th Aug 2014

    great helmet and the best latch mechanism ive seen on a helmet. I would highly recommend this to any biker! light weight and low profile design

  7. Best helmet ever 

    Posted by Charles on 6th Aug 2014

    I just received the CRA90-FBNP helmet and compared to my last half helmet it's like wearing a baseball cap. It a lot more comfortable and I absolutely love it. My wife no wants me to order her one. Thank you!!

  8. best helmet i ever own 

    Posted by miguel on 6th Aug 2014

    this helmet is everything they advertise and then some. very light and it fits like a glove.the wind wont pull back on it and is very comfortable you really for get that you have it on I would recommend this to any one looking to look cool and be comfortable without looking like you are wearing half a bowling ball.

  9. Exactly what I was looking for ... 

    Posted by Chris "Prussian" Parker on 6th Aug 2014

    I have one of those shaped heads that every helmet looks awful on ... 
    I don't typically wear one at all, but too many close calls among friends. Even had one go down last Spring and is still recovering from the concussion ... too much to live for not to wear one, but not some "head n a bubble" helmet. This is slim, very lightweight, and comfortable. As I said above ... exactly what I was looking for!

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