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Zumbro in wearing Fox Creek chaps and a vest

Last fall I ordered a pair of custom chaps and used them many times in the Minnesota weather. Recently, four of us made a 3000 mile trip through Kansas to Colorado, up the mountains to Yellowstone and back through the Black Hills. It was beautiful. All three of the other guys had chaps with exposed silver zippers and they all failed. They were holding them on with bungee cords, bandannas, and Velcro straps by the end of the trip. Mine performed flawlessly. When you need them, the quality had better be there, and yours was. When leaving Jackson Hole at 38 degrees, they would have happily paid another $30-$40 for chaps that would stay together. Thanks for making a great product. When they wear out, I'll order another pair.

Lake Zumbro 
Rochester, MN

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