Men's Tour Master Textile, Non-Leather Motorcycle Jackets

For more than 26 years Tour Master has been developing and manufacturing a full line of motorcycle riding gear, apparel and accessories. From humble touring beginnings Tour Master has grown into one of the country's top names in motorcycle gear and apparel for every type of rider. Most every Tour Master product begins at their California headquarters as a new idea someone gets while riding or as a product someone sees that they think could be better. Then a rigorous obstacle course consisting of conceptual drawings, material and construction possibilities, prototypes, more prototypes, evaluation and re-evaluation follows.

Tour Master gear and apparel includes textile as well as leather motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants in leather and textiles, and rain pants, jackets and suits designed for rain and other severe weather conditions; also textile and leather gloves, electrically heated apparel, motorcycle luggage, motorcycle boots and disc locks. Tour Master electrically heated apparel includes gloves, pants liners, jacket liners and vest liners.

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