Women's Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jackets

If you are a female motorcycle enthusiast, you really can't go wrong with a Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jacket by Fox Creek Leather. Being made in the USA, these women's motorcycle jackets will astound you with the quality of the leather and the durability of the American craftsmanship.

Fox Creek Leather Womens Jackets

Women's All-Season Motorcycle Jackets (vented motorcycle jackets with a mesh shell and removable insulated liner)

Women's Summer Motorcycle Jackets (lighter weight for warmer climates)

Listen to Deb!

Deb Swiger wearing her Classic Motorcycle Jacket II

I ordered my husband and myself jackets from Fox Creek. I never really wanted a leather jacket, thought I would look like a biker! However, we were heading out on our first long trip, from western Maryland to northern Ohio to visit my sister. I decided after taking the Experienced Rider Safety Course that we should wear leather for protection. I was really concerned about the heat. However, I couldn't believe when we went through Wheeling, WV that the temperature was 90 degrees and I was so comfortable in this jacket. I had no idea that it was 90 degrees. The airflow is amazing in this jacket. The jacket is extremely comfortable while riding, total freedom of movement.

Bernie was so very helpful in choosing the right size. I should have listened to her on the original order!!! The first time I called she advised me of the size we both would need. I then checked with my husband to be sure of the style that he wanted and then called back to order. I went with the size she said for my husband, but I went with the size I thought I needed, not what Bernie recommended!!!! Guess what, had to send mine back and get the size she originally said!!! I needed it the next day. Bernie sent it Overnight and off we went on our trip to Ohio. What a great jacket and what a great company!!!

- Deb S.
Oakland, MA

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