Vemar Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

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Vemar Motorcycle Helmets have been manufactured in Europe and are now making a name for themselves in the U.S. Quality and safety were the companies primary targets. Choose from a variety of Vemar motorcycle helmets suited for street, racing and off-road riding occasions. Available in solid finishes or radical graphics. A Vemar helmet is designed to protect riders at extreme lengths for years to come. Vemar motorcycle helmets are here to stay and rising fast!

Vemar Eclipse Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Vemar Eclipse Helmets feature a mid oval shell shape which offers a more generous fit front to back and more snug fit ear to ear. Three sizes of outer shells cover the eight helmet sizes for the ultimate in a light weight yet proportional fit. Vemar Eclipse Helmets are superbly detailed with multi colors and graphics. Choose from basic black, white and silver or the highly visible Metha Red graphic. Vemar Eclipse Helmets have exceptional comfort, ventilation and visibility. No wonder Eclipse helmets are the front runner in the Vemar lineup!

Vemar Jiano EVO TC Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Vemar Jiano EVO TC Helmets look stylish and purposeful all at once. Technology is paired with style giving the rider a modular helmet with supreme protection that still looks good. Unlike other modular helmets, the Jiano EVO TC shield closes when the chin bar of the helmet is opened. If both the chin bar of a helmet and the shield are open at the same time the aerodynamic effect created is very uncomfortable (unsafe) for the rider, this risk is eliminated with the Jiano EVO TC. Jiano EVO TC helmets exceed expectations for safety and convenience.

Vemar Helmets Logo

Quality and safety were the primary targets of the firm located in Grosseto right from the start and it gradually equipped itself with ever more modern and sophisticated machinery for an increasingly complete and qualitatively advanced production. A modern completely equipped laboratory for testing their helmets complying with the strictest world standards, two hydrojet robots to cut the fibre shells, four automatic spraying plants with u.v. ray drying process, is just some of the equipment making Vemar Helmets the leading fibre helmet producer in Europe.

Vemar Helmets has certainly got the most complete range of helmets currently available on the market. In fact, no other firm is able to satisfy demands from all the various sectors to a greater degree: from extra-light helmets with shell in carbon only to ECE 22-05 certified helmets for children, from the VSR racing helmet (which our riders have ridden to victory in the top World Championships) to the Interactive Line helmets (the only helmets in the world using Bluetooth technology), from the VRX4 cross helmet (this helmet has always been amongst the top places in comparisons and tests made by the leading European press specialized in the sector) to helmets with chromium plated painting (Vemar was the first to produce and sell this type of painting on its helmets).

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